Sunday, April 5, 2009

two things

1. Whoever came up with time zones is a genius. I woke up and for some reason started thinking like- why isn't there just one time for the whole earth, they make it so complicated for traveling and trying to figure out what time it is where. And then I realized that was a stupid thought, and that it makes so much sense, and how hard it must have been to sit down and figure out how to spread out something like TIME for the whole world.. like, how do you decide things like that? I don't know, weird thought, I probably sound stupid, whatever.

2. Through random discussion last night, I found out that Justin and I were at the very same show for both of our first concert.. with our parents! haha Powerman 5000 and Kid Rock at the Tsongas Arena! bahaha It's such a small world, it kills me. I'm still laughing over this discovery.

D2E Festival in a little bit... I'm so nervous now!
Hope I do well and make mama proud!


  1. that concert was one for the books!. Im looking for a Tshirt from that show Im pretty sure I still have.

  2. justin! so funny!

    you're not keeping up on the 1 a day thing..