Tuesday, January 27, 2009

good/bad news

Good news: I heard back from Cafe Luna in Central Sq. about the morning barista job! I'm going in Friday to speak with them. Fingers crossed! I reaaally want this job. Oh, and it's Eric's birthday today! I'm going to see him later and I can't wait because it's been far too long.

Bad news: Steve is moving out today.. I finally get used to having someone around all the time, and now it's back to long days by myself, eating breakfast and lunch with Gatsby. Now I definitely need a job, because I'm going to lose my head sitting here by myself all the time. Also, I have to take a trip later that I'm not looking forward to. But I need to just get it over with to move on with my life.

Ryan: well hey, you tried
Me: yup, and it wasn't good enough
Ryan: no no no you nerd
Ryan: you tried
Ryan: THAT'S good enough

I think Duvy's coming over and the three of us (including Steve) are going to go on an adventure. The sun is shining, it's Steve's last day, I actually feel okay right now.. we're going to make something of today!

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