Saturday, January 31, 2009

winter time

Quick update, because I don't really have time:

The interview went so well!! The owner is really great, her and I sat there and talked about the coffee business, how Starbucks is too corporate, all sorts of art, and how they have live music there all the time. She told me that they we're looking to hire a few people a.s.a.p., and she didn't cross my name off her list like other had been. So things look good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The last few days have been crazy.. it's almost not even worth getting into. Too many serious feelings revealed, awkward conversations, and strange situations. But, a lot of laughs have been involved as well. Last night was margarita night at Evan Lunny's which was fun, but would have been better if I hadn't felt sick and out of it all day. And tonight is sledding at Trull Hill and campfires at Scott's parents! This will be the first time I've actually gone out and done something wintery. I'm pretty excited!

I'm going home to spend some good quality time with my dad today, too. He almost had to come get me last night.. I was a bit of a mess. It'll be good to talk to him about everything, he's the one person in my life I know I can always count on.

Some sad news.. I found out last night that one of our cats died. She was the momma of all the cats, and we've had her for a while. What makes the situation so sad is that she was always sort of a miserable cat, never liking attention (she would always hide out), and she was always sort of sickly. But over the last year she was finally coming out of her shell. She started eating more, gaining some weight, all her fur was growing back, and she enjoyed being around everyone and was way more affectionate. It's a shame and I'm really sad about it.. it's going to be weird not seeing her around when I get home. I'm always going to have fond memories of her though..

R.I.P. Sydney <3


  1. r.i.p. Sydney

    Sledding sure sounds fun. I want to build a snowman.

  2. ooo! ooo! with tunnels?!

    or snowball fight?