Thursday, February 26, 2009


Everything is great, great, great! I should be hearing back from LUSH by tomorrow and I'm fairly confident the job is mine. I found out last night I have a mutual friend with the manager and he's going to put in a good word. I hope that helps! Laura has informed me that Espresso Royale is hiring also! Hello, second job? I need all I can get at this point. And by next Sunday, the 8th, I will officially have a place to live! I'm moving in with Heather and Samantha and I couldn't be anymore ecstatic! Everything is falling into place. Oh, and it's been really nice rebuilding burned bridges with people from the past. There's no use for negativity anymore; the release of any tension regarding the past is definitely a step in the right direction. The past is the past for a reason.

In just the last few days, so many things have come together. Things can only go up from here! I have a lot of things to look forward to and I'm working towards getting my life on track. It's pretty gratifying when you can see physical evidence of the hard work you've put in and I feel it's all reflected in my attitude towards life right now. No one can change the mood/feeling I have right now!

The battle is far from over yet, though.

Areas of continued focus: trust, communication, attitude.

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