Monday, February 9, 2009

on trust

I have a lot of trust issues, all thanks to very untrustworthy people from my past. I'm forever tainted because of the lies I've been fed, more specifically from ex-boyfriends. And it's hard because now no matter how sweet and nice and honest a guy can be, I always find room to doubt. I'm starting to recognize this as a huge flaw in myself.. I really need to try and trust certain people, and trust in myself as well. I can't take the anxiety that comes along with the worry of always being lied to. I don't deserve to feel that way and that's just letting all of them win anyways. I need to be strong and let it go.

My sleep schedule has been much more under control lately, and I attribute a lot of the positive feelings I've been having to this. Good rest = a good mind. I need to keep up with this schedule!


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