Saturday, February 21, 2009

almost there

I GOT A CALL FROM LUSHHHH, I'M GOING IN MONDAY FOR THE SECOND INTERVIEW! She said I have to wear black and white and I'll be doing demos and getting to know the store. This is better than I expected because I know I'll do well with the demos since I used to do that for the body shop and I'm sure a lot of other girls will be intimidated by that. And I'm positive I'll fit in with the group there, so this is great! STAY POSITIVE, STAY POSITIVE, STAY POSITIVE!

I'm almost exactly where I want to be! It'll be soo good to not have to worry about a million things and be on the way to figuring these things out. I've been feeling like I'm losing my mind! I've been so forgetful and disorganized. Teena keeps reminding me I'm doing well considering all the things I've got going on, but per usual I've been really hard on myself and can't just accept that I don't have control over everything right now. That'll be another step in the right direction- understanding that life is out of my control and I need to just take things as they come. I need to keep my sanity and try not to worry about things so much.

This is my new friend! His name is Benny and I love him.

I want today to be as relaxing as possible. I've got a long day full of awesomeness tomorrow and I want to be well rested and prepared for it. I'll be in Harvard Sq most of the day sipping on coffee, reading, and expanding my logic skills by doing sudoku.

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