Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I talked to the manager of LUSH earlier today.. she's calling me later to let me know what day I have to come back next week for my second interview. Apparently I have to go through two. The interview I went to the other day was a group interview, which I didn't know, and when I spoke with her afterwards she said she'd definitely be calling me for the floor position and that she'd put my resume through for the ASM position. I guess I assumed that meant I have the job? Maybe its just standards that I have to go through the second interview? All I know is I'm sitting on the edge of my seeeaattt waiting for this phone call so I can know more about what's going on!

I need to stay positive! This is all really good! I showed initiative by talking to her after the interview, she showed interest in me, I showed more initiative by calling her today, she said she'd definitely call me back today.. what am I worried about? I'm definitely qualified for either position. Something has to work out. Ahh I wish I didn't worry so much!

Everything in my life is up in the air and everything is relying on someone or something else. I can't wait for stability!!!

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