Monday, February 23, 2009

antony <3

The show last night was out of this world! Antony is so inspirational, watching the heart and soul he puts into everything he does.. amazing! There was a point where he stopped playing and just sat on stage and talked with us; it was like we were just hanging out. He was really interactive and had as all yell things out. So much fun! The band was so good too! One of them was a Berklee graduate so it was cool that he got to play at his old school. They were all so talented- the drums, cello, violin, flute, guitar, bass, everything! Soo good. Oh, and I got this cool t-shirt:

I really like the design.

So I think I just bombed my second interview at LUSH. Everyone says I did fine and I'm being too hard on myself. (What else is new?) I'm on my way to go drop off a thank you card to the manager. I hope that helps my chances! Then its off to some hypnosis thing with Dave at his school! Weee!

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